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Hunan Jingsheng Steel Co.,Ltd is a modern enterprise specializing in the production,processing,domestic& international distribution of steel pipes and fittings.The companys initial stage was founded in 1998, starting from a small construction team contracting projects, formed its own parts processing line, then began to cooperate with raw material manufacturers in the steel industry to do the processing of finished steel pipes.At present, our company is divided into two components: production processing and warehousing. The sales headquarters is located in south central of China

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Our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standards. An independent quality assurance department is responsible for all working procedures required to ensure that

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Danieli Improves Productivity at SeAH Besteel EAF

South Korean special steel producer SeAH Besteel has contracted Danieli to increase the process efficiency for EAF 3 at the Gunsan meltshop. The steel quality targets indicated for this 100-ton electric furnace require the use of low-residual scrap

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How are alloy steel classified? What are the applications?

Under normal circumstances, there are only two forms of steel plates, flat or rectangular. Rolled or wider steel strips can be cut to form new steel plates. There are many types of steel plates. If they are divided according to the thickness of the steel plate, there will be thickness. Thin steel plates can be further classified.