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Warehousing is a comprehensive place that concentrates on reflecting the status of factory material activities, and is a transit station that connects production, supply and sales, and plays an important supporting role in promoting production efficiency.

1.Transportation consolidation

To reduce the cost of raw materials, we consolidate less-than-truckload (TCL) and less-than-consolidated (LCL) shipments into full truckload (TL) and full container (CL) shipments. For finished products, we receive full loads and divide them into less-than-truckload (TCL) and less-than-consolidated (LCL) shipments to various markets.

2. Product Mixing

We can mix and match products according to customer"s needs to fulfill orders efficiently. We can also combine raw materials and semi-finished products and ship them in full truckloads from the supply warehouse to the factory, thus reducing transportation costs.

3. Service

The goods are prepared in the warehouse as required at the time of the customer"s order.

4. Contingencies

Prevent contingencies and develop emergency measures.

5. Smoothing 

Smooth the flow of operations and subsequent stages in the production process, and make scientific forecasts.

We keep a large number of conventional size pipes and fittings all year round including carbon seamless pipes size 2” -20”, welded(round&square) pipe size 1/4”-16”. We have two 5000 Square meter indoor warehouses in local and Tianjin Province which can prevent 20,000 tons of pipe from getting rusty.