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Steel products are packaged in different ways depending on size, length, material, appearance, etc.Our professional quality department packing products according to the customer"s requirements and the actual situation of the goods to ensure goods not to be damaged during transportation, loading and unloading.

  • Wooden Shelter

    Wooden Shelter

    Fumigation-free wooden shelters are also used to meet the requirements for export. It is generally used for the packaging of larger size items, such as pipe fittings, steel plates, etc.

  • Wooden Case

    Wooden Case

    Fumigation-free wooden crates are treated by fumigation and other methods to prevent insects and mildew to meet the requirements of export. Generally customized size according to the size of the goods, mostly used for the shipment of special materials accessories.

  • Woven Bag Packaging

    Woven Bag Packaging

    Generally used for special materials, spray polished surface of steel products, used to protect the surface of items not easy to scratch.

  • Plastic Film Wrap

    Plastic Film Wrap

    Used to protect the surface of goods from external pollution, generally used for spraying anti-corrosion pipe and fire fighting, drinking water fittings.

  • Bundles


    Steel pipes with an outside diameter of less than 168mm need to be bundled, usually with 8 galvanized steel strips to fix the steel pipe so that it does not fall apart in transit to facilitate loading and unloading.

  • Lifting Belts

    Lifting Belts

    Used at both ends of steel pipes with an outside diameter greater than 273MM to facilitate forklift hooking of goods for loading and unloading.

  • Cross


    Generally used for larger outer diameter, thin wall thickness of steel pipe ends, used to prevent the deformation and deflation of steel pipe caused by external pressure.

  • End Cap

    End Cap

    Caps are welded or mounted on a pipe end to plug the pipe.Used to protect the end of the pipe from moisture, with dustproof, sealing, beautiful role.PE cap can be customized according to the color and style required by customers, usually blue, orange, red, yellow.