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Inspection line

Mechanical Inspection

A, Perform the impact resistance test to determine the impact strength;

B, Test the tensile strength of the pipes to determine how the material will react to forces being applied in tension;

C, Perform the deflection temperature test to ensure the pipe sample deforms under a specified temperature and conforms to international standards

Medical Inspection

A,Clarify the sampling method, sample processing method, testing method and acceptance criteria for chemical composition testing of steel pipes;

B,The inspector according to the contract & standards for on-site sampling, or commissioned by the testing unit to send samples;

C,The inspector determine test results according to contracts & standards.

Packaging Inspection

A, Check packaging materials by comparing against approved samples and specification;

B, Inspect necessary packaging marks including model number, quantity, logos, markings and lables etc from standard organizations or as per contract requirement;

Third Party Inspection

We can supervise the whole process of factory and cargo, final inspection of cargo, loading port supervision and other services according to the customer"s requirements.

The third party can be arranged by client or appoint us, cooperated with SGS, BV, DNV, LR etc.