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How are alloy steel classified? What are the applications?


Under normal circumstances, there are only two forms of steel plates, flat or rectangular. Rolled or wider steel strips can be cut to form new steel plates. There are many types of steel plates. If they are divided according to the thickness of the steel plate, there will be thickness. Thin steel plates can be further classified. The types include ordinary steel, spring steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant steel, bullet-proof plates, plastic composite steel plates, etc.

Alloy steel is formed by adding alloying elements to steel materials. In this process, the basic elements in steel, namely iron and carbon, will have a certain effect with the newly added alloying elements. Under such effects, the structure of steel And the substance will have a certain change, and the overall performance and quality of the steel will also be improved at this time. Therefore, the output of alloy steel is getting larger and larger, and the application range is getting wider and wider.

There are many types of alloy steel, which can be divided into different types according to different standards. If divided according to the elements contained in the alloy, it can be divided into three categories: low-alloy steel with low carbon content, less than 5%, and medium total carbon content, ranging from 5% to 10% The medium alloy steel, the highest carbon content, higher than 10% high alloy steel. Their structure is different, so the performance will be different, but each has its advantages and will be applied in different fields.

If divided according to the element composition of the alloy, it can be divided into four types: the first is chromium steel, in which chromium is an important part of alloying elements. The second type is chromium-nickel steel, the third is manganese steel, and the last type is silico-manganese steel. The types of these alloy steels are named according to the composition of the alloying elements contained in the steel, so you can roughly understand their composition based on their names.

A relatively special classification is based on their use. The first type of alloy structural steel is used to make various machine parts and engineering components. This kind of steel has just the right hardenability, so many are used Manufacturing parts of instruments with relatively large cross-sectional areas. The second type is alloy tool steel. As can be seen from the name, this type of steel is mainly used to make some tools, such as measuring tools, hot and cold molds, knives, etc. This type of steel has good wear resistance and toughness. . The third type is special performance steel, so the manufactured items have special properties, such as heat-resistant steel and wear-resistant steel, which can meet some special requirements in production.