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Mill Partners

  • Baosteel


    Alloy tubes, boiler tubes, pipeline tubes, marine tubes, stainless steel tubes, etc.,produced in diameter generally between 30mm and 219mm

  • Pansteel


    The main production is seamless structural pipe,its the largest production base of titanium raw materials; the only production base of titanium dioxide by chlorination in China and the second largest vanadium producer in the world.

  • Shagang Group

    Shagang Group

    Mainly produces wide thick plate, hot rolled coil, high speed wire rod, large coil wire rod, special steel large bar

  • Baogang


    The main production of structural and fluid pipes, OD generally between 245-377,wall thickness between 7mm-30mm

  • TPCO


    It is currently the world's largest and most technologically advanced seamless steel pipe manufacturer, steel pipe outside diameter range Ф48mm ~ Ф711mm; wall thickness range Ф3.5mm ~ Ф60mm

  • Hengyang Valin

    Hengyang Valin

    Production of seamless steel pipes of various specifications with diameters of 24-800mm and wall thicknesses of 3.5-200mm, as well as square and rectangular pipes with side lengths of 100-550mm and wall thicknesses of 3.5-120mm

  • Yangzhou Lontrin

    Yangzhou Lontrin

    Produce carbon and alloy seamless steel pipe. The full size of product group distance covers Φ19-Φ1219×2.5-150mm, 720 large diameter production line as the world's advanced large diameter seamless pipe production line with advanced equipment today

  • Shangdong Luli

    Shangdong Luli

    Producing Φ16-Φ180 carbon steel, alloy steel, bearing steel, Φ50-Φ260 pipe billet,Φ150-Φ220mm square billet, 200, 300 series stainless steel.

  • Wuhan Iron & Steel

    Wuhan Iron & Steel

    It produces hot-rolled coils, hot-rolled sections, medium-thick plates, cold-rolled coils, galvanized plates, tin-plated plates, cold-rolled oriented and non-oriented silicon steel sheets, color-coated steel sheets, etc. The production scale is nearly 40 million tons, ranking fourth in the world steel industry.

  • Shanxi Taigang Stainless

    Shanxi Taigang Stainless

    It is a large steel conglomerate integrating steel production, processing, distribution and trade, and a stainless steel enterprise with the largest production capacity, the highest level of technology and equipment, and the most complete variety of specifications in the world.

  • Tsingshan


    The company specializes in producing stainless steel ingots and bars, high-grade alloy steel bars and wires, etc.; the company is equipped with international advanced smelting, rolling and testing equipment.